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Have you ever wanted to be the director in your very own production? Do you love the idea of custom fetish videos that you help create and produce? Well here at Fetish Girls, we make that fantasy a reality!

We have a revolutionary custom order system in place so that you can get the exact type custom fetish video you desire.

What's more, the whole process is made simple and easy via our online submission form to ensure you get the results you want with no compromise on quality or final product. Let's take a closer look at how it works:

The Model is pleased to present you with hundreds of models from around the world that are ready and waiting to be a part of your custom fetish video. You can easily search through our database and find the one that's perfect for you!

With so many variations in body type, age, hair color, specialties and interests, you can be sure that you're getting the right girl for the job with our service. We guarantee you'll be happy with the quality and range of fetish models inside!

The Content

There's a lot more to custom porn than just the girl, which is why we let you select a number of other elements for your video. Here are just a few choice you're able to tailor to your desires:

Fetish: Got a thing for feet? Maybe you're more of a bondage man? Well at Fetish Girls, we make sure that no matter what your desire, these ladies will be keen to deliver on it. When we say customized fetish videos, we really mean it!

Wardrobe: Clothes can be sexy, and getting the outfit just right is an important part of fetish videos. Whether its nylons, socks, heels, latex or boots, the wardrobe is yours to edit how you please.

Dialog: Few things are more erotic than a fetish girl talking, which is why we encourage you to provide a script based on what you want to hear.

The Confirmation

Fetish Girls works on a unique system: when you order the video, we hold on to your payment until you're happy with the final result. Once the video has been produced, you can review your order, confirm that it follows the request and then download it. When we get word that you're happy with the result, the funds will be released to the model. This way, everyone's happy, safe and protected!

At, we take the production of custom fetish videos seriously. We want our models and members to have a great relationship that brings them mutual benefits and rewarding results. If you have any issues at any time with your custom order, do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team.

So what are you waiting for? The ultimate fetish video experience is waiting for you – come on in to Fetish Girls today and order your very own custom scene!

Most Popular Fetishes


custom bdsm videos

With a BDSM custom fetish video, you can make your deepest, darkest, and kinkiest fantasies come true. The Fetish Girls safe online service provides easy access to the horniest, wildest, and most beautiful BDSM fetish models on the net, standing by to take your BDSM custom porn order, and you can bet that they'll have fun doing it! Think your request is too taboo? It's not!

The Fetish Girls have heard it all, and not only that, but there are eager to show off just how far they'll go to please you. Whether you want to see a tall, statuesque blonde make fun of your tiny dick, a naughty emo teen who likes to get her perfect ass spanked, or a horny MILF who gets shackled in chains, punished, and fucked, you can craft every last detail to make YOUR perfect BDSM custom clip. You'll never have to worry about receiving a clip that doesn't live up to your expectations, because the Fetish Girls streamlined custom porn clip creation process protects you every step of the way.

Just fill out a simple form with all of the details of the custom video you'd like to receive, and make sure to be extremely explicit! Fetish Girls safely and efficiently handles the payment process with a credit system, and the more credits you offer for the creation of your custom porn video, the more models you'll have to choose from to fulfill your request. After you choose one of the Fetish Girls BDSM models for your clip, you'll be put directly in touch with her to clarify all of the details of your custom BDSM video. She'll have three days to complete it and, most importantly, you'll have five days to approve the video before your credits are released to the model. This ensures that you get the best, hottest, kinkiest custom porn clips consistently each time. What are you waiting for? The Fetish Girls are ready to get spanked, clamped, whipped, caned, fucked, and punished for your enjoyment!


custom bbw videos

A custom fetish video starring a beautiful and voluptuous BBW model is the perfect way to live out your BBW fantasies. Fetish Girls offers the chance to have a custom BBW porn video created to YOUR specifications, and the BBW models know exactly what you like! These big girls are cock- crazed and always eager to please, whether that means giving a slow, sloppy blowjob, titty-fucking their huge knockers with your big dick, or spreading their ample asses.

The Fetish Girls BBWs can make your BBW fantasy come to life with fat fetish clips, feeder scenes, facesitting, smothering, and masturbation. Curious about how specific you can get in your custom fetish video request? The sky is the limit! Are you looking for a cute, shy teen BBW, or perhaps a mature BBW MILF who knows exactly what she wants? Do you prefer your BBW babes a bit submissive, or perhaps she should take charge? Either way, you're sure to find the perfect model to fulfill your request at Fetish Girls. Fetish Girls makes the entire process of ordering your custom porn video easy.

Just fill out a simple custom porn video request form with as much detail as possible, right down to the clothing you'd like to see your BBW model wearing and the dirty things you'd like her to say and do. No request is too strange, and in fact, the weirder you get, the more these BBWs will love it! After you've chosen a model to complete your video, she'll have three days to upload it. And, you'll never have to worry about paying for a video and then being left high and dry, because the credits won't be released to the model until you have viewed and approved of the clip. The Fetish Girls BBW models are ready, willing, and able to wow you with your custom fetish video!


custom femdom videos

With custom femdom fetish videos, dominant, cruel mistresses put submissive slave boys in their place like never before. These women never take no for an answer and delight in humiliating you over your tiny dick! They'll sit on your face until you can't breathe, make you watch while they fuck their black lovers with cocks much bigger than yours, and make you to your knees to serve as a foot slave, all in custom porn videos tailored to YOUR desires. CBT, cuckolding, rough hand jobs, spitting, spanking, and trampling are just a few of the punishments in store for you in your custom fetish video!

Fetish Girls is the easiest and fastest way to get a custom fetish video with a beautiful dominatrix. Simply fill out a simple online form, let the models know how many credits you are offering for the completion of your custom fetish clip, and soon you'll be on your knees worshiping one of these evil goddesses.

You can be as detailed as you want, and in fact, these dommes insist upon hearing your most darkest things and degrading fantasies so that they can incorporate every last humiliating detail into your custom fetish clip. Here, you can feel free to share even your most taboo fantasies with the models, and Fetish Girls takes care of the rest. You'll be put directly in touch with the model you've selected so that you can make sure every detail is understood. Your custom fetish video will be uploaded within three days of choosing a model, and your credits won't be released to the model until you've approved the video. The mistresses are always looking for new pathetic slave boys to humiliate, and they don't like to be kept waiting! Request your femdom custom fetish video now!


custom feet videos

Get a foot fetish custom video clip that caters to your foot fantasies at Fetish Girls. Beautiful models can fulfill all of your desires, including close-ups on their bare feet, toe sucking, trampling, foot worship, and messy food play that leaves their feet covered in sticky goo. Craving the beautiful small feet of a cute teen? Want to lick the dirty foot of a dominatrix after she takes her boots off? How about getting your dick stroked between a pair of perfect feet? These beautiful foot models can do it all in a custom foot fetish clip. Fetish Girls makes ordering custom foot fetish videos a snap.

The entire process puts you in the director's chair, and you can be as specific as you want in your request. Create a custom porn video script, request certain outfits, and choose which model to fulfill your video order. Everything is streamlined inside the site, and you can choose how many credits to offer models to shoot your custom porn video.

The Fetish Girls foot models are passionate about showing off their lovely feet, and they know exactly how to please foot fetish fans. Watch as beautiful glamour girls model stiletto heels, show off their beautiful feet and legs encased in nylon stockings, and play with their pussies while they suck their own toes in your custom a foot fetish video. Simply fill out a simple online form with all of the foot fetish details, decide how long you want your custom porn clip to be, and choose from the Fetish Girls foot models who respond to your request. The models have three days to upload your video, and you'll have five days to approve it before the credits are released to the model. There's no risk of never getting your video after you've paid, so you can rest easy as you await your custom porn video.

Jerk Off Instruction

custom jerk off instruction videos

A custom jerk off instruction video targeted at all the naughty things that get YOU off is just clicks away at Fetish Girls. JOI models ranging from submissive to horny to dominant are waiting to film a custom clip encouraging you to jerk off and cum harder than ever before! Want a girlfriend experience?

A sweet and sexy model who embodies your dream girl can tell you all about how much she wants to fuck and suck you as she encourages you to stroke! How about some small penis humiliation? A cruel dominatrix will order you to stroke your tiny, pathetic dick as she laughs in your face. How about a naughty little tease who won't let you touch her, but will watch and give instructions as you jerk it? Any kind of JOI you can imagine can be tailored especially for you in a custom fetish video.

These girls aren't all talk, either! They'll show off their sexy tits and asses, fuck their pussies with dildos, and show you exactly where to lick their toes as they encourage you to get off. Fetish Girls makes the process of ordering your very own custom jerk off instruction video as simple as possible. Just fill out an online form with all of the details, feel free to include scripts, costume requests, how long you want your custom clip to be, and how many credits you are offering, and the Fetish Girls jerk off instruction models will respond with offers to create your clip.

The model you select will have three days to upload your custom porn video, and you'll have five days to review and accept it before the credits are released. No risk, just pure JOI targeted at what gets you going and gets you off! Are you ready to order your custom fetish clip? The Fetish Girls are waiting to help you stroke it!

Mind Control

custom mind control videos

Erotic mind control and fantasies come to life with custom fetish videos. At Fetish Girls, you can script, direct, and create your very own custom mind control fetish clip. All of your fantasies can come true, and you'll have total control of not only the video, but the model you choose.

Control her mind as you ask her any embarrassing question you want, she has to answer! Tell her to strip and crawl around on all fours, she has no choice! With a custom erotic video, you can be completely in charge. Maybe you prefer to be the one being controlled? The Fetish Girls know how to control your mind to do their bidding. With a custom mind control clip, you'll be used as a footstool, lick and suck her toes, and ordered to jerk off while you strictly follow her instructions. Your mind will be completely taken over by a beautiful woman who can make you do anything she wants!

Fetish Girls makes the process of ordering a custom fetish video simple. Just write down all of the details that should be included in your clip, including costumes and dialogue, decide how many credits you'll offer to have your request fulfilled, and how long you want your clip to be. The Fetish Girls models will respond to your request, and after you've selected one to make your fantasies come true, shall have three days to upload the video for your approval. You'll never have to worry about getting a video that doesn't match your request, because the credits aren't released to the model until you have viewed your video and are satisfied. Whether you crave the release of letting go and being mind controlled by a beautiful woman. A custom fetish video from Fetish Girls can make that happen.


custom smoking videos

Take your love for a gorgeous woman with a cigarette to the next level with a custom smoking fetish video. As a smoking fetish connoisseur, you know what you want from a smoking fetish video, and Fetish Girls makes it easy to get a custom video created that caters to YOUR most erotic fantasies.

Watch as a beautiful, mature woman delicately dangles a cigarette from her lips, and takes a long, slow drag before releasing a smoke ring. See a cute teen expertly smoking a cigar, wrapping her luscious lips around its thick paper as the smoke wafted around her. The entire process of ordering your custom fetish clip is easy, from start to finish. Just fill out a simple online form with all of the details, and make sure to be specific! You can request a specific kind of cigarette you'd like to see your model smoking, request certain outfits or sex toys, and even write out a script for your model to use.

Decide how many credits you are offering and how long you'd like your clip to be, and then select from the models who accept your request. The model will have three days to upload your custom smoking fetish video, and you'll have five days to review and accept it before your credits will be released to the model. It's safe and easy! Fall to your knees as a gorgeous dominant woman blows smoke in your face, or watch her sink to her knees to suck your dick in between taking drags off her cig. There is no smoking fetish too taboo for the Fetish Girls when you order a custom porn video. The Fetish Girls models know what smoking fetish enthusiasts like. Whether it's a French inhale, smoke rings, a smoking blowjob, exhaling through the nose, cigarette dangling, or just the sight of a beautiful woman with a cigarette perched between her fingers, they can execute it skillfully for your enjoyment in a custom fetish video.

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