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Year after year, girl scouts go door to door, using their cute faces to unload boxes of those delicious cookies we all do enjoy. But with all the choices at the grocery store, the troops are having a hard time selling their cookies. Hard times call for drastic measures. Jade, surprisingly way too hot to be a girl scout, knocks at the door, pouring charm and flirtation all over her potential customer. What persuades the guy to buy some of her product is the foot job that comes along with a few bought boxes. What guy with an addiction to feet could resist? He invites her in and assumes a comfortable position to where she can reach his cock with her gorgeous feet. This hard working and determined girl scout wants to please. She lubes up his cock and grips it between her feet, gliding them from his balls right up to his throbbing head. Her pantyhose definitely helps keep this guy rock hard. We're not sure if she did it for her customer or because she was hot, but watching her pull of her uniform is quite a sight. She wouldn't have to give foot jobs to sell cookies. We're thinking she does it for fun.

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Description: See beautiful up & coming 18yo adult performers. Perform POV Fetishes, JOI, Taboo Handjobs, Foot & Ass Worship, Smothering, and more all live. Submit requests for what you want to see them do before we start shooting!